Passenger Lifts

We offer experienced personel who can help with all lift applications.

Different configurations for the most demanding and challenging requirements. We tailor what is needed to suit your own needs

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Goods Lifts

What ever the application Bronev have the answer.

Call us on 0117 977 0076 to discuss your project

Service Lifts

Specialist lifts for all types of buildings

Tell us what you need to carry and we will give you the answer

Speciality in Restaurants and Hotels - so we fully understand the needs you have

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Dumb Waiters

Restaurant/Hotels/Licenced Trade

The Dumbwaiter and the Combination service lift (50 to 300 kg capacity) and the Under Bar Hoist (50 to 100 kg capacity).

Our Dumb waiters satisfy all hygene demands and are supplied with stainless steel shelves as standard

Special Lifts

Exactly as it says

If you want external lifts, special materials, custom shapes

Please talk to Bronev 0117 977 0076